Using Essential Oils For Acne Treatment

woman-washing-face-at-nightBoth adults and teenagers can be affected by acne. However, teenagers are affected the most by persistent acne. Some adults, who probably believed skin problems were a thing of the past, are distraught to find themselves affected by acne, too. People with oily skin are the most likely lot to be affected by acne. When oil blocks skin pores, bacteria can feed on the oil, and multiply over time. Even though the skin care industry does cater to acne patients by constantly developing lotions, creams, pills, and other treatment that promise to get rid of acne forever, these products are expensive. Essential oils offer the best option that guarantees to provide a soothing, natural remedy for patients, and is by far, the cheapest solution for patients.

People react differently to essential oils. Skin type is the determining factor of the type of reaction a patient will experience. So, experimenting with different essential oils blends may be a trial and error process. Usually, most patients will respond well to aromatherapy oils. These oils cure and nourish cells, and in the process, help to reduce inflammation.

Essential oils are extracted from plants, and more specifically, from some flowers. When mixed with carrier oils, most therapeutic grade essential oils make exceptional treatment for acne. The skin could slurp up every bit of plant actives, whereas the good carrier oil offers a regenerative and moisturizing base for the skin to heal from acne. Essential oils for acne help to reduce stress, improve your complexion, and regulate the production of oil in the skin.

You can start your home care acne treatment program with a salt and essential oil compress. If you have an oily skin, make use of a facial toner on a daily basis. Alternatively, some skin-drying and antiseptic oils, diluted in a base of witch hazel, could be used. One of the constituents of witch hazel is alcohol, and helps to dry oily skin.

Before you purchase essential oils, ensure that you look at the label to know if they are pre-diluted or not. Buy pure, organic, undiluted essential oil, and avoid the cheap ones as they may be adulterated, impure, or distilled with petrochemicals. These substances, instead of healing the skin, will aggravate your situation. Some good carrier oils for your skin include apricot kernel, avocado, jojoba, sweet almond, and hazelnut. If possible, cut out sugar intake from your diet. Sugar is not food, and should be avoided in its processed form. Don’t worry, sugar cravings should disappear within a week, and you can be sure that this will greatly help in the acne healing process. Also, avoid other processed food, especially those that are high in fat content.

With the proper use of these essential oils for acne, you can look forward to that perfect skin. However, if after the application of these tips, you still have a problem with acne, it is crucial that you consult a qualified homeopath.

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