Autism and Essential Oils

There are so many oils that can help with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The very first and most important rule of using the oils on a child or adult that suffers from these wide ranges of disorders/syndromes is that you NEVER apply the oils if they don’t want you to.  The experience needs to be a […]

Essential Oils, Then and Now

We are unlikely, in today’s world, to find myrrh or frankincense or cinnamon packed as precious cargo and transported by camelback across a sandy dessert trade route on its way to sheiks and sultans; but that touch of decadent luxury is exactly the feeling evoked by just a few drops of precious essential oil rubbed […]

The Good And The Bad About Oils

What is the key ingredient in all lotions? Oil. Some type of petroleum or natural based grease. This is because the skin absorbs and uses it for its own advantage and does it quickly. Now, it isn’t ideal that we put whatever random product we find on our bodies – if we absorb the oil […]

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