Natural Ways to Overcome Motion Sickness

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you are driving in the car and suddenly can’t keep yourself from wanting to throw up over everything. This is only made worse on long trips when the road winds and curves sharply leaving all passengers (and sometimes the driver) nauseated. Medicine for the upset stomach isn’t great either. Chewable and liquid forms are disgusting and for some people it isn’t even possible to swallow a pill. What can they do?

The great thing is there are other, natural ways to overcome motion sickness from traveling. This doesn’t involve sucking on herbs or burning incense in the car. It also isn’t about critically changing diets to prevent the occurrence of feeling ill. What this is, is a legitimate, safe, natural and effective list of methods for overcoming the symptoms when they happen.

An excellent option for combating motion sickness is to use essential oils. These are the volatile oil compounds found in the various parts of plants and herbs. When extracted using pure methods these compounds are able to be applied to the body and can overcome a variety of ills. In this case, there are a couple of good methods for fighting through the puking feeling with oils.

First is peppermint oil. This oil has proven great for stomach problems and issues of all kinds. Holding a bottle near the nose, you can sniff the oil vapors and the aromatherapy will help calm down the nausea. If it is certified for internal use, it can be taken via the mouth and it will help there as well.

Second, and possibly better, is ginger oil. A fragrant one to be sure, this oil has massive calming abilities for your internal digestive system. Placed on the soul of the foot, or inhaled (the vapors) if your brave enough, this oil is ready to knock the puke feeling out the window. It has been successful in helping chronic sufferers from motion sickness be able to even read and write in the car.

If essential oils are not up your alley, another option is an acupressure wristband. This motion sickness band has a small bead sown into it that continuously puts pressure on the P-6 pressure point of the wrist. Acting similarly to acupuncture, this pressure enables the user to be free from the constant pains of motion sickness.

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