Lavender, THE Essential Oil

If you can only have one essential oil make it lavender…

One of my favorite oils to use is Lavender.  If I could only have one essential oil in my home it would be lavender.  I use lavender for almost everything – and that is saying a lot, because while most people absolutely love the smell I simply have decided that I don’t hate it.

We run through a bottle of lavender every month around my house, because we use it on bruises almost daily – they happen a lot with toddlers.  I have used lavender mixed with coconut oils to heal my dry and cracking hands.  I also have 2 little girls and a boy with Asperger’s, so we require the calming effects of lavender a lot.  With the girls I can usually use 1-2 drops to get the job done, but sometimes calming down my boy takes some extra dosing.  That’s why I love how safe it is to use.

Another thing I use lavender for is very close to my heart.  I have a lot of anxiety and combining lavender and wild orange releases me from the grasp of my horrible anxiety attacks within 1-2 minutes.  No matter what the cause of my anxiety may be I know that I can depend on these oils to provide my body with whatever nutrients they are lacking and allow my body to heal itself, so that I can be the mother, wife, daughter, friend, and sister that I need to be.

Lavender is most definitely THE oil that should be in every home.

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