Autism and Essential Oils

There are so many oils that can help with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The very first and most important rule of using the oils on a child or adult that suffers from these wide ranges of disorders/syndromes is that you NEVER apply the oils if they don’t want you to.  The experience needs to be a positive one, so that they will want to repeat it.  Some of the wonderful things that the oils can help with are concentration/focusing, anxiety and fear, depression, and anger as well as all of the tension that comes along with it.

Some really good oils that can help with a lack of concentration and focus are Frankincense and Peppermint.  A lot of people that suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders might simultaneously be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.  Another oil that can help with this is Vetiver.  It might be difficult to find the right oil, especially if you are treating a child or another individual, but don’t give up.  The oils can help bring some relief to the person suffering.

A few oils that can help with Anxiety and Fear are Lavender, Serenity, and Citrus Bliss.  Frankincense is always a good oil to add to the mix to help kick the first oil up a notch, but also because it has so many good properties that also help with a lot of problems.  These oils are also helpful in dealing with depression and anger.

While these are some good starting oils for people on the Autism Spectrum it is important to really understand that you need to keep trying out different oils and combinations until you find what is most helpful.

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